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The dream of every woman, whoever she was, the moment in which they become a mother.However, some circumstances may not allow pregnancy at an early age, and when he gets in a later age (after age 35) increases the risks both to the mother or the fetus as increase the chances of injury distortions as a third of children who suffer trisomic born of mothers skip age 35years.





What percentage of children who suffer from distortions in this case?

About 3 to 6 percent of the children, note that the rate of 2 or 3 percent of these abnormalities may be severe and dangerous to affect at the child's life or require surgery. It should be noted that there are birth defects and other foreign chromosomes cause deformities or foreign influence in the formation of muscle. And more likely to get these abnormalities after age 35 to 1/300 or more. Nevertheless, it must be noted that 80 percent of children who suffer trisomy at birth are mothers at the age of 25 or 30 years old. As it is focusing on mothers who تخطين age 35 and pregnant women who are neglected younger not undergo the necessary tests leading to the birth of the largest percentage of children with deformities that possibility exists even at an early age.

How serious distortions that may appear to the child?

50 percent die from embryos in the event of injury trisomy.The proportion of 50 percent of the children who are born with trisomy die at the age of three years.In this case suffers mentally delayed a child more susceptible to leukemia.

In the case of infection (trisomy 18) die 68 per cent of fetuses in the womb because the distortions are more serious. At the age of two months die 50 percent of children with this condition, die 90 percent of the remaining children at the age of six years and 99 percent at the age of ten years. In this case, the child suffers mental retardation and neurological great grandfather.

Finally, in the case of injury situation (trisomy 13) die 45 per cent of fetuses in the womb. The die 35 per cent of children born in the age of the month, and 80 or 90 percent in the age of the year, then 95 percent at the age of three years.

Can you address the distortions that afflict the fetus?

Regarding unilateral distortions that have nothing to do with chromosomes, can be treated. Therefore, having been pockets of water in the brain filled with water, it is possible to develop a tilt in the womb, but the possibility of the death of the fetus is large. It is possible to have a waterproof bag in the chest, putting pressure on the heart and lungs. In this case also tilt can be placed with the baby still in the womb. In the case kidney blockage of course, it is possible to open it.

What tests that can be made for pregnant women to detect distortions?

There are two types of tests, and two specialized examinations and diagnostic tests, and give specialized examinations possibility of fetal infection with distortions provided that this chromosome abnormalities. The distortions that have no relationship chromosomes can detect the sound picture.

And acoustic tests that can be performed are:

- Between ten and a half weeks of pregnancy and 14 weeks and a half week conducted an ultrasound to measure the thickness of the fetus' neck water. Through this test can detect 82 percent of children with deformities, note that this test shows the risk only if the risk is high.

- Examination of blood hormones in the mother between weeks fifteenth and twenty-second. In this case, the biopsy shows whether the child was deformed in 59 percent of cases. In addition, there successful tests are not supported after heavily based on the link between maternal age and examination of the neck of the fetus and the water test hormones between ten and a half weeks of pregnancy and the 14 week and a half weeks. These tests cover 92 per cent of cases.

- And there is also another examination is detailed ultrasound in the twentieth week of pregnancy.It should be noted that the acoustic images examinations give the possibility of infection, while being diagnostic test to make sure the deformity.The diagnostic test is checking the water of salvation (amniotic fluid), where the biopsy is taken of salvation topical anesthesia by injection.However, there is the possibility of a 90 percent to abortion while doing this test, so do not hold anyone.He also must start acoustic images examinations.It should be noted that the examination of water on the neck is better than a blood test because the content more. It is also being at an early stage of pregnancy.Therefore, from the psychological point of shock is less severe for being pregnant lose the fetus when they do not have started moving in her womb.

What are the dangers which the fetus is susceptible when they are older pregnant?

Increase the potential for fetal abnormalities when they are pregnant older, note that there are different kinds of distortions, including:

- Trisomy the rate of 0.99 per thousand children. - Edward Syndrome (trisomy 18) at 0.120 per thousand to 0.3 - Patau Syndrome (trisomy 13) at 0.05 to 0.2 per thousand.

And appear in this case facial deformities and brain, heart, stomach, intestines and kidneys, hands, legs, and fingers.

What health problems experienced by women who become pregnant at a later age?

After the age of 40 years, increasing the risk to the health status of pregnant. The most important adverse effects that may result from pregnancy at a later age, they are:

- Increased risk for infertility. - An increased risk of miscarriage. - Increased risk of the birth of children with deformities. - Increased risk for complications during pregnancy, such as high pressure, diabetes and poisoning.

Pregnancy and dental

Of pregnant naturally suffer dental problems, gingivitis is the most part common. The notes in this case redness of the gums and bleeding, gum also become more sensitive and tenderness bleed easily. It should be noted that gum problems usually begin during the first two months of pregnancy and peaking during the eighth month, especially as the level of the hormones progesterone and estrogen rises in the second month, and up to the highest level in eight months. In the ninth month of the inflammation subsides gums, followed by a decrease in the level of hormones. Therefore, studies suggest a possible link between the two. Maintaining the oral hygiene is the most appropriate way to avoid gum infections, so teeth should be cleaned at least twice daily in addition to cleaning by a thread. It is also necessary to wash your mouth with warm salt water, but be careful not to swallow. In addition, it must be removed regularly to prevent lime from gum infections, especially in the case of existence under the gums can cause infections constantly.


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