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I was 12 weeks preg,the 4D ultrasound showed my fetus had above normal N.T&cystic hygroma&generalized edema, many docs said it is best to terminate now, I terminated my preg. on 2-3-2015, docs took samples from me and from the fetus to undergo lab tests, my samples showed that my uterus is OK, I also did another ultrasound to confirm this.

The fetus sample results didn't show yet, It should tell about his chromosomes and why he was that sick, but we have to wait another 3 weeks to get those results.

My doc told me to use condoms till I have a period so that he can have a reference if pregnancy happened after that, just to be able to count&determine age &so on.. but he said nothing about waiting for safety or health issues.

Today(12-3-2015)I had unprotected sex with my husband, can I get pregnant from it?

If i didn't, should I use condoms&wait as my doc adviced, or isn't this very necessary?

Can the new fetus be sick like the previous one?? how can I avoid having another sick fetus??

My husband and I are very sad for losing our baby although it was the best for his case and for my safety and uterus condition(based on docs opinions), but we really want to try again as soon as possible, yet we are very afraid of having another fetus with the same health problems, this is very confusing, I don't know what to do?


I need to know too