Hi Everyone,
I have not posted in quite a while, I have been rather busy, but wanted to share an experience I just went through, and I also wanted to ask some women in here ANYONE about how they have felt about having their abortion.
My husband was in Iraq. I broke my foot EXTREMELY (6 hours surgery) and he had to return home, I could not be on foot for more than 20 min. Prior to this, we could't concieve for about 5-6 years after first baby.
I became pregnant and was EXTREMELY excited !!! We went to have ultrasound done, they couldn't find the BABY. After a week, I became desperate for an answer, and went in, and the doctor found baby. WHEW !!! Then I went in and the next doc couldnt find the heartbeat. Then they finally found the heartbeat.... the little turkey was turned in a strange direction.
Then at about 6 months, the doctor called me to tell me that I had what he thought to be a strong "disposition" for the baby to have Trisomy 18. They asked me what I wanted to do, they informed me that with this Trisomy 18 that the baby would most certainly die possible hours after birth, to months or years after. Well, I DIDNT care.... I told them that if I was only able to hold my baby for 20 minutes, than I WOULD LOVE HIM FOR THAT AMOUNT OF TIME !!!
Come to find out, they called and told me that the baby was confirmed to NOT have Trisomy 18.
I COULD NOT imagine if I had chosen abortion and found out that my baby was ok. I didnt care if he wasnt ok, I wasnt taking his life.
Our family has been through SOOOOO many different things, including a possible cancer scare during this pregnancy.
I used to believe that abortion was ok, but after the conviction with my faith, the 7 years researching and reading from both sides of the issue, and the COUNTLESS women I have spoken to in counsel and other places, I cannot believe in this procedure.
You know, I DO NOT place judgement on other women for their choosing this, NOT AT ALL. Honestly I considered having one, when I was VERY young.
I placed this post, because I think that this is the BEST forum for all of us women to be candid, because we can place things out in the open here.
I also wanted to add that I read A WONDERFUL book called "Won by Love" a book by Norma McCorvey, the Roe in the Roe vs. Wade case. It is very interesting, very touching.

I would like to see if people would post on their TRUE feelings after their abortion experience, knowing this is candid, and know that I personally do not judge, but I have had a VERY heavy burden placed on my heart to help and to listen and to encourage those in pain.

Let me know how this post effects you.