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I found out that I was pregnant October 15th 2014 from an at home pregnancy test. I had taken two tests prior to my positive result, both of which were negative. After having the positive result I saw a doctor immediately and they checked my hormone levels and preformed an ultrasound. My HCG leves were at 106 and nothing was visible on the ultrasound. I had other ultrasounds which then showed a yolk sac at 5weeks 2days and then we could finally see a heartbeat at 7weeks.  My first day of my last period was September 15th and I was sexually active September 7th, 8th and 9th and then again on the 18th of September and the 29th and then again Ocotber 2nd. I was supposed to get my period on October 13th but obviously it never came. The doctors have been checking my hormone levles and they are rising normally and each of the other ultrasounds that I have gotten mathch up almost exactly with my LMP. With all this information they put my conception date the end of September early Ocotber. I just want to reassure him that this is his baby and there is no way that I could have gotten pregnant from the intercourse at the beginning of Septmeber can anyone give me some reassurance??


Hello needtostopthinking

If you just had a single sexual partner, the father has no reason to doubt paternity. One of the methods to judge paternity is through a DNA test. Every parent contributes 23 chromosomes to a baby - who like their parent will have a total of 23 pairs [46 chromosomes]. This means we need to know what DNA a baby carries. An invasive method known as Amniocentesis - withdrawing fluid from your uterus while guiding a needle through your abdomen under ultrasound - this can be done at 14 to 20 week gestation. The fluid withdrawn can be analyzed for DNA match. Both you and your partner need to share their blood sample too. Cells found in the amniotic sac are the same as that of the baby growing in the womb. Once DNA is matched with the baby's to partners - it is easy to discover whether people who donated their blood for DNA test are probable parents or just strangers as far as the baby is concerned.

Consider talking to your partner and then your healthcare provider who can help you decide paternity of baby in your womb.