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My daughter was told after her blood test for down syndrome that she has a 1 in 100 chance of having a down syndrome c hild. It is her second pregnancy. First child is fine. There is no history of downs in the family as far as I know. She has had chronic fatigue (in high school) and is 34 years old. She was told by a genetic counselor that even if the second, more exact ultra sound shows the baby normal, there is only a 50% accuracy level in that regard! She is concerned about having amnio because of the risk of miscarriage. She has a pretty big reaction to acupuncture, though she has had it often in her life for various things (including trying to prevent hyperemisis) which didn't work. She is finally starting to feel better, less nausea, less vomiting. If that 50% figure correct? If so, why do it? why not go right to amnio? Is she at higher risk because of her medical history?


Hi Guest,
Congratulations on being a gramma to another wonderful miracle... regardless of downs syndrome or not... still a miracle !!!
I was 37 when I conceived with my second child. I dont even know why I had those screenings done myself, because wether or not my baby had down syndrome, I would not choose to abort. Well, needless to say, I was called at work after the test, and the lady spoke to me like she was a "pall=bearer". She told me that the tests came back with the chances of me having a child with trisomy 18. Trisomy 18 is a fatal disorder where the baby MIGHT live to 1 year old I said "Oh, possibly down syndrome... we can get support of other families... it might be tough but I know He will give us the wisdom and strength and make a way" "No," she said, "most babies die when they are born or possibly a week after."
I was SOOO thrown for a loop that I almost fell to the floor of the pharmacy I worked in. Down syndrome is trisomy 21 I believe, having to do with the number chromosomes that are present with the baby.
We went into the office of the genetic counselor and she was SOOOO negative with me about the entire thing, and asked me what I wanted to do. I looked at her with ALL CERTAINTY and said "I dont care if my baby only lives 8 hours, I will hold him all the time I can until he passes on. He is a human being, not a fish, and I am not going to destroy him. I dont know what you expected me to tell you."
So needless to say, we did the amniocentesis, and everything was fine. But it was the fact that they were just AUTOMATICALLY negative and expecting me to allow them to take the life of my child.
I knew a lady when I lived in Japan who was told she had a child in her belly that had down syndrome, and they told her this saying that they were ABSOLUTELY positive. She said she didnt care, baby was a miracle. Well, come to find out, when the baby was born, the baby had no signs or traces of downs. Imagine that.
In my humble opinion, if I were you.... I would encourage my daughter, love her, support her, and reassure her that no matter what the outcome was, that she is going to be just fine, and that this baby is a blessing from Him and a heritage to her. AND NO MATTER WHAT.... this baby is going to bring her joy and blessings and help her to grow and be strong ALOT more than she ever dreamed. In my opinion, I would also reassure her, that ANY AND ALL trials that she may or may not encounter are not given to tear her down or break her, but the trials are there to make her stronger and to know that with Him NOTHING is impossible.
She will gain strength from this situation wether or not the baby is downs. Trials only make us stronger. They are never meant to break us.
I found this out, as my husband was in Iraq for 18 months, and I had to face this fear without him being here. They allowed him to come home early for the birth, but He wanted me to learn to come to Him and trust Him.
Please (you and your daughter) both let your fears go, ENJOY this pregnancy, and look forward with excitement to the day that she will bring this new miracle into the world that you will both enjoy and adore this baby.
Hugs to you and blessings, please be sure to let me know how you are both doing.



What the last poster said was very inspiring, but I also want to give you my opinion as a mother and a pregnant one at that :) With my first pregnancy, I did the 2nd trimester screening. Everything came back fine, and the baby was fine. My bestfriend who became pregnant shortly after I had my first, had the 2nd trimester screening done, and the results came back the same as your daughters. They did further tests, including an amnio, but could not conclusively determine whether the baby had Down's or not. That little girl was born healthy and is one of the smartest 3 year olds I know!

I am pregnant now, and now they do a first trimester screening as well, which is supposed to be more accurate, but it is optional. After knowing what happened with my friend, knowing the chances of a false positive, and finally knowing that no matter what they found, I would not abort, my husband and I decided not to do ANY of the screenings (first or second trimester). I am on this chat board for pregnant women, and one of the girls on there has gone through so much testing to find out that the baby she is carrying is perfectly healthy. To me, those tests are not as accurate as they would like to believe. If your daughter is not even considering the chance of having an abortion, then I would say further testing is not even worth it. If she knows that she would love this baby no matter what, then that is all that matters.

I will also say, that when they gave your daughter the 1 in 100 chance of having a baby with DS, they were also figuring in other factors, like her maternal age. Any woman over 30 is at higher risk, but again, its just a chance (a risk). And what I have read is that it is a 1/100 to 1/300 chance if you have a positive, and 5% of normal pregnancies will have a false positive.

I wish your daughter luck and belly rubs for this miracle :)