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Okay here is my story.
I started Orthro Tricyclen Lo the sunday after the sunday after my period,basically the day my period ended. I went to the doctors that Friday before that sunwhich which I started and directed to start that sunday. She did not say anything about how long it takes to be effective. I was also diagnosed with a uti and was given antibiotics for three days and the last pill was taken in the morning before even took my pill in the evening.
The sunday that just past I went to a party and got kinda drunk and had sex with a guy friend of mine. We did not use a condom and he pulled out way way way before he came because I told him to stop. The sex only lasted 5-8 minutes at the most. At that time I have been only on the pill for two hole weeks and took the first pill of the third week. I take all my pills on time and I have never missed one.
What are my chances of getting pregnant?
I am kinda freaking out as in have panic attacks, I know it was stupid and now I know never to do it again. So am I safe or should I start to pick out baby names?
I told my mom about this and we cannot afford plan b even discounted and I think the time is up to take it :-(
I get my period next week hopefully.

Please no rude answers
Thank you!!


Hi Lauren: Ok I think you dodged a bullet, because you were basically on the pill for 3 weeks, even though you should usually have back up BC for 1 whole cycle! And also him not ejaculating is another good thing! The pills is less effective when you are ON antibiotics! So that's a none issue! The Plan B or Morning After can only be used upto 3 days after unprotected sex! So that too is a no go anyway!

I'm pretty sure your OK? In 1 week take a test just to get it answered once and for all! If anything happens, please let me know OK? Good luck and health hon!