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I missed the first pill of my birth control pack, then had sex the next day about an hour after doubling up on my pills. A little less than 2 weeks later I had unprotected sex many times between Saturday and Sunday. I accidentally took my pills a few hours late on Sunday and Monday. I went to the bathroom that Monday and noticed light pink blood (this was 1 week before my expected period) that stopped that very day. On Friday I started getting dark brown & black discharge, mixed with some white-ish colored discharge. There was no blood and this discharge continued. On Sunday (yesterday) I was supposed to start my period. I only continued with the slimy brown discharge. Today (Monday) the brown discharge continues, but with a little blood. I have experienced nausea since yesterday on and off. Today I am experiencing sharp pains below my belly button, nausea on and off, dizziness, and a slight headache. I took a pregnancy test on Sunday that showed a slight positive, but it was a blue dye test and from what I've read the evaporation line can show up blue. Could I be pregnant? My boyfriend and I don't have a baby in our plans, so we haven't been trying, but I have screwed up my bc this month. Please help!!


Hi Emily,

You are going to have to get a different pregnancy test and retake it.  You will know your answer then, you could the clear blue digital or the 5 day early one (forget the name).  Don't get any from the dollar store as most of those are expired.

Good luck and hope this helps