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Is it normal to have two periods in a month durong premenapause?


Yes, you are most likely to experience such symptoms during perimenopause.
This is the period when your hormonal balance is just starting to change and shifts in the hormonal balance are very likely to change your menstrual patterns. Not only too frequent periods ( like two in one month) but also missed or irregular, spotting, breakthrough bleeding, etc

However, some women, like myself, could experience two periods in one month when the weather is changing. Since the spring is on its way in my country I had two periods only two weeks apart. The reason I know nothings wrong is because I had it happened last year at this time as well.

So, weather change, traveling, emotional excitement are also some things that can interfere with periods.

However, if you are at THE AGE for perimenopause, you are most likely experiencing these symptoms due to hormonal imbalance.

If you haven’t seen a gynecologist for quite some time, it is time you did it now, just to make sure there isn’t an underlying condition that had caused your bleeding.