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if a woman is going through perimenopause would her testestorone levels be high.
i am 35 yrs old overweight and my periods have stopped , my libido is very high My skin is in poor condition too , and my mood swings are all over the place.


Hello there! I know that perimenopause may start as early as 35 years of age but somehow it sounds so soon to me. I hope you don’t mind me asking if you suffer from an underlying medical condition, or you had any of your organs removed by hysterectomy, or uterine ablation or something or it appeared as a natural procces.

How overweight are you? Do you think that your weight may have anything to do with it? Have you had your hormonal levels checked?

The thing is that when hormonal changes occur, in perimenopause, levels of all hormones drop, testosterone as well as estrogen and progesterone and this leads to decreased sex libido. However, I read that those women who enjoy life and have a positive attitude towards life don’t actually experience problems with low libido.
If your life is not stressful, if you don’t have relationship problems, then you are less likely to experience low sexual desire.