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Well, I am 22 (recently had a bday) I am not trying to get pregnant, but I think I might be.

Last time I had unprotected sex was June 18th, my period was due that week but never showed up untill the 20th (which was 4 days later than normall) When it showed up it only lasted 3 days (I usually go for at least 4) was extremly light. the next week I had mild cramping, and stated to spot a light pink & white discharge. My lower abdomen has been bloated for about 2 weeks now I get dizzy ,headaches ,no nausea, no constipation, just a little dull ache in back and slight cramping. Took a pregnancy test about a week ago and it came out NEGATIVE (stick test)

Could I be pregnant? Someone out there please help!

Thank you! :-D


BTW** I forgot to mention had really sore swollen breast for about 2 weeks they still seem to be bigger & firmer than normal


if you took a pregnancy test about a week ago, thats about the 29th, which is about 9 days after you had your period. Thats enough time to wait for accurate pregnancy test by the stick. Very few women (less than 1%) can never secrete hormones in a high enough concentration to get a positive result from a pregnancy test when they are indeed pregnant. That means that as long as the test was properly administered, the results have over a 99% chance to be accurate, so you are probably not pregnant. A white discharge does not sound like pregnancy to me, actually sounds more like a urinary tract infection, but I am no expert so don't take my word on that. Those symptoms you stated are not directly connected to just pregnancy.

Like I said, very very small chance you are pregnant. Best advice is to go see a doctor right away because your symptoms and white discharge are signs of probably something else that your doctor can discuss with you.

When you say usually go for at least 4, does that mean youve had 3 day periods? The length of your periods can change month to month regardless of the consistency of the periods in the past. For example, women that gain or lose weight, change their exercise patterns, or go through a lot of stress can come "shock" your system and mess with your hormonal balance and thus change the timing and length of your period. It only takes a slight change in the delicate balance of hormonal secretion to mess around with the period.

Even though you say it was really light, implanation bleeding is usually just spotting and usually lasts only one or two days for most people(sometimes three). Most women don't even get it. Generally, for those women who get it, it comes EARLIER than when they were expecting their period and is commonly mistook for an early period(until they realize that something is funky)

Psychological studies have shown that some women that think they are pregnant or would like to be pregnant get the common symptoms of pregnancy even though they are not pregnant.

If you had unprotected sex the week your period was due, it is unlikely you conceived then, although possible. Generally women are fertile towards days 11-15 in their period(keep in mind that sperm can live up to three days in the vagina, although they don't always do that), so it is UNLIKELY although POSSIBLE that you were fertile at the time you had unprotected sex.

GO SEE A DOCTOR, and good luck...



I found this article on implantation bleeding, thought it might help

Implantation bleeding

Some women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding called implantation bleeding, around 11 or 12 days after conception, close to the time you might notice a missed period. The bleeding may be caused by the fertilized egg burrowing into the blood-rich lining of the uterus.
This process starts just six days after fertilization, but as I already said, no one knows that for sure. The bleeding is very light, appearing as red spotting or pink or reddish-brown staining, and lasts only a day or two. You should let your practitioner know if you notice any bleeding or spotting, particularly if it is accompanied by pain, since this can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

According to this, I think what you had was a period


Thank you both with help on this subject I am feeling like it could be something else as well so just to make sure I will be making an appointment with Planned Parenthood asap! Again Thanks!