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Since May, every other month i get a bad pain in my thighs the day my period starts. Its happened in May, July, Sept, and Nov so far. Sometimes the pain is so bad i pass out from it. My friends tell me it could be serious, but my mom doesnt seem to think so. It only happens on the first day of my period. should i be concerned?


Pain in thighs is also considered as menstrual pain as if you would feel it in the abdomen.
There are two forms of menstrual pain, primary and secondary. Secondary is cause by an underlying disease but it usually starts a couple of days prior period and last through out the whole period.

Primary pain is the one that almost every women feels, which starts a couple of years after period start. The pain is caused by chemicals called prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract during periods. This pain lasts for just couple of hours or a couple of days.

Your pain sounds pretty severe. You could talk to a gynecologist about releaving this symptom by choosing proper treatment possibly some pain killers and to make sure there isn’t an underlying condition present. This way, you can easy both your problem and the suspicion that something may be wrong.