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HISTORY: I am a 50 yr old female and perimenopause stage. For the past several years periods have become heavier and with largeblood clots. Once of cycle of taking Progesterone cream has helped reduce the number of blood clots. Bloating, constipation (may skip a daily BM), gas and moderate menstrual cramps have been regular symptoms occurring with each cycle for the past few years.

CURRENT COMPLAINT: Looking at a diagram of the large colon the PRIMARY LOCATION of discomfort/pain is in the vicinity of the Sigmoid colon, although it runs about 4" along pelvic bone (crease of where abdomen meets the leg). Pain is intermittent throughout the day. Stretching legs out in bed or standing relieves most pain. SECONDARY: Some occasional stabbing sensation on hip muscle, and discomfort/tenderness at lower back region.

Pain/discomfort is more of annoying/discomfort sensation similar to gas pains and started 2 menstrual periods ago. Thought the pain would stop once menstrual cycle ended. Pain lasted for two weeks with some constipation, bloating and difficulty relieving gas - the norm for the past several years of menstrual cycle.

I drank /2 quart of prune juice which helped as a laxative. Next day or so the pain completely disappeared until the next menstrual cycle ended - the pain has returned for the last week. Downing the prune juice has not relieved pain this time around, if, indeed, it was the juice that helped the first time around. May have just been the 2-week time that pain resolved on its own.

Q: Psoas muscle, female organs or colon related?

Thank you in advance for opinions.


Hi Sinlee,
I'm having very similar problems. I'm wondering if you ever found out what was bothering you?