Dear friends.

Many of you know closely the option to get helped and learn in the physiotherapeutic area.

Many of you have taken into account every good advice for your concrete symptoms (spasms, pain, anxiety…), and have even emailed the physio for personal and always free advice. Please keep on considering this option when you need it.

You can get some useful advice about:

Spasticity, stiffness, spasms
Muscular and joints pain
Depression, anxiety, stress
Cervical dystonia
Oromandibular dystonia
Spasmodic dysphonia
Writer’s cramp
Essential tremor

Some months ago we taped and published the following videos (find them in the link below).

Visual yoga (for blepharospasm)
Relaxing breathing (for stress and anxiety)
Cervical auto-stretching (for spasmodic torticollis)

Now we have produced two new ones:

Spasticity (and cramps)
Coordination and balance in walk

Let me remember those people who haven’t visited that link (or those that even don´t know it) where to find it:

I know any single step makes us feel much better. So I hope this helps.

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