Russell Reid, 63, originally from New Zealand, worked in his private psychiatric clinic The London Institute and once a week in the Charing Cross Hospital Gender Identity Clinic.

This psychiatrist rushed five people into sex-change surgeries without having the second opinion and without following the treatment guidelines.
Not only did the patients complain having regretted undergoing the surgery, but so did his colleagues from The Charing Cross Hospital Gender Identity Clinic. They reported that the doctor’s behaviour towards the patients was inappropriate and was accused of serious professional misconduct.

Not only did this psychiatrist operation without the second doctor’s approval but he also convinced some of his patients to undergo surgery and paying it by working as escorts.

Many patients who were so carelessly operated regretted having the surgery soon after and are now left psychologically damaged by the operation.

These people suffered from gender identity disorder and needed behavioral treatment and not to be rushed into surgery. To undergo sex-change surgery, a patient needs to be unhappy with their gender for more than two years. If they get the second green light for the operation, they need to wait another year before surgery actually taking place.
The four psychiatrists from The Charing Cross Hospital Gender Identity Clinic claim that Dr. Russell Reid repeatedly ignored the guidelines.
If he didn’t rushed patients into sex-changing surgeries, he would be then prescribing hormonal therapies after just one hour of consultation. Not all patients know that these hormones carry the risk of developing cancer.

The doc, however, denies a charge of serious professional misconduct. The hearings continue.