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The youngest teenager in the world that underwent a sex change operation says that the surgery changed her life for the better.

German Kim Petras was born Tim but felt like a girl from the age of two. She underwent a surgery secretly last month after being authorised by psychologists who confirmed that Kim was "without doubt a girl in a boy's body".

Kim, now aged 16, is famous in Germany for having started hormone replacement therapy as part of her gender transition by the age of 12. She says she has always felt like a woman who ended up in the wrong body and that this surgery enabled her to be herself.

Now, she says: "I can enjoy swimming, wearing bikinis, go in the changing rooms without a problem, everything has changed for the better since this operation. I just can't wait to put on my favorite bathing suit and go swimming like I've never done before.”

Kim had to wait until her 16th birthday to get the operation but once she turned 16, she was able to have the operation legally.

Dr. Bernd Meyenburg, who treats patients with identity disorders at the University of Frankfurt Hospital, said that actually very few youth psychiatrists have any experience with transsexual developments. The families are left to wander from one psychiatrist to the next.

Dr. Meyenburg was not always in favor of allowing such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of the patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager - he realised that in some cases it is the right decision.

Kim is one of such cases as she always knew what she wanted.


Very interesting article. There is an obvious advantage in taking hormone replacement therapy early, before normal secondary sexual characteristics begin to develop. This will ensure that there will be no traces of maleness to overcome by the time gender reassignment surgery is performed. The resulting male to female transexual will, in every physical appearance, a woman.