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Other than dying of overdose are there any known effects or complications involved with recreational drug use while on the pill (such as Yasmin 3.0mg)?
I read somewhere on here that mixing alcohol with the pill is pretty much harmless (in "average" amounts) and uneventful, and that the most it will do is cause you to experience inebriation for a longer amount of time.
Drug interactions that I'm specifically interested/concerned about involve: THC, LSA, LSD, MDMA, Dextromethorphan, Diphenhydramine, Klonopin, Effexor, various opiates, cocaine, psilocybin, myristicin/elimicin, ... or if there is something not on this list that will make me hemorrhage from the eyes (or something relatively as bad) if I take it with Yasmin.
Is there any particular "family" of drugs that should typically not be mixed with artificial hormones (amphetamines, tryptamines, narcotics in general). What about strong herbs such as Valerian?
"Don't do any of it and you'll have nothing to worry about..." Yes, I knew you would say that; you try and spend an extended period of time in a central Alabama town. After your 3rd or 4th encounter with a mulleted-pot-bellied-shirtless redneck crushing a Natural Light can on his head you'd be running for chemical cover, too. Even the mayor does X.




I have taken a few drug addictions courses in my time but have primarily studied interactions between for example coc and marijuana. However, that of BCP and a substance of any type can highten your risk of becoming pregnant as these substances lower the potency of the pill. This includes alcohol and tobacco. Hope this helped.