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First of all I cannot believe all the crazy sh*t I have read regarding ecstasy/MDMA. Its scary. Don't f*****g read up about it right before or while rolling cause I would hate to see someone get paranoid and have a bad experience. Its a mood and Mind enhancer. A psychedelic amphetamine. It works be targeting your serotonin gland and forcing it to open allowing serotonin to flood all of your Neuro receptors that are responsible for handling your senses, euphoria, and conscience... Serotonin is like the "drug" your brain naturally produces that makes you positive, happy, passionate, loving, energetic, and perserverant. Similiar to dopamine,  serotonin levels take a while to re vamp themselves, so you can run out of it!! This is what is responsible for periods of depression and "hangovers " after using this drug, especially if it is abused. So it wouldn't be wise to take this if you are experiencing depression, or have recently attempted to destroy yours or someone else's life.


So I wouldn't mix it with any drugs to be safe, especially not any speed, cocaine, heroin, benzos, or other amphetamines. You will be more likely of overdosing, especially during the roll, as per to your lack of better judgement.

If you must mix, MIX ECSTASY WITH ECSTASY, or LSD if you are feeling balsy. This is called a candyflip, which I will touch on  a different time.


Its going to enhance your mood, so I wouldn't recommend taking this particular drug if you are having a bad day, week month or whatever. Not as a coping mechanism for depression or disaster. Use it when you are feeling your best!! Especially when you are looking for that special "something" everyone looks for in "the love drug". You should have an amazing experience. The eyes of your heart and soul finally opening for the first time" Happier than a pig in sh*t!! 


I've used this many many times, and have had my fair share of sentimental, passionate, loving, most bad ass times of my life and have created ,made and shared many amazing things while the effects of this mysterious substance grew stronger and stronger, my friends feeling the same things I'm feeling, seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, remembering, knowing and sharing. It is truly a great tool to use especially in the presence of the ones you care about and love! Your true passion for life will shine brighter than it ever has!

But, I've also had my fair share of bad experiences. I've never gone an entire roll having a bad time, but it has gotten extremely over whelming, made me sick, thought I was gonna die, or never ever come down. The worst thing you can do is panic. Just try to relax. Close your eyes, change your environment, drink some water or orange juice, or whatever your favorite vitamin C filled beverage maybe, and get ready to ride it out, cause there isn't all that much you can do to come down, except help make the time pass as quickly as possible.

When in doubt, don't freak the f**k out.

When in doubt, use a f*****g lifeline. tell your rolling buddy, or call a friend that you know will be able to comfort you. Smoke some weed if you have some, only a little, cause too much can make it worse. Sip some water or OJ, cranberry juice, HI C, Punch, no alcohol or other drugs, unless it's melatonin. Count to 100, telling yourself when you get there, it's all going to get better. This drug can start a serious psychological battle in your brain. Just know that it eventually wears off, and you will be fine at some point within the next 2 to 4 hours maximum.

 NEW USER- 1 tablet, or capsule, or approx.  .1 of a gram per every four to 6 hours for desired effects

SOCIAL ROLLER-  1 tablet, or capsule, or about .1-.2 every 3 to five hours for desired effects

HIGH ROLLER- one tablet or capsule until you begin to feel the effects, Use careful judgement on if you feel you can handle a 2nd before taking it.  Or about .2 - .3 every 4 to 6 hours for desired effects.

YOUR EYES ARE GONE- 1-2 tablets or capsules at a time, or .3- half a gram every 6-8 hours.

JUMPOFF POINT- 2 or more tabs or caps at a time, half a gram to a gram per DAY.(make sure to remember it's easy to lose your mind fast when you keep redosing on no sleep, not to mention if you take MORE than half a gram you are at risk for an overdosing, especially if your product is pure or had a high potency, the type of drugs it's cut with, if you have been hydrating and eating, typeS of strentuous physical activity will intensify this as well, like dancing, love making, panicking, etc.)




First things first.

Don't do it alone your first few times.

Take it with like 2 to 4 friends that you spend a lot of time with and enjoy their company. People that you can relate too, have known you for awhile, and that you share the same interests with. Including music and creative thinking/ constructuve hobbies. You will overall have a way more enjoyable time, and roll significantly harder. Dose in a safe place. Your house preferably. Don't want your parents home for this dumbasses. They will know you are on f*****g drugs, go figure. Either that or they will question you on why you suddenly love them so much or where the whites of your eyes have gone to. I would take it in the evening, probably around 7 pm, this gives you plenty of time to come down and relax. Don't do this on a worknight, you'll regret it in the AM. And don't take it as a new user in a llarge social setting, like a party or concert. Chances are you will get extremely uncomfortable, or you will be trying to f**k everyone there, and will most likely do something stupid you will regret. Get a few rolls under your belt, and then roll ALONE.

The solo experience is very personall, as well as creative and inspirational for the user, but also can be nerve wrecking. Be sure to have some buddies on call for your first lone roll.

Again, awesome music, constructive activities like art(draw write or read) even try to make some music!!  it's amazing when you are able to express and record your true feelings and thoughts on ecstasy, because every single one of your senses and feelings are enhanced by 100%.

This is when you are the most passionate about life, just go with the flow and don't panic.

After a good night's rest and a week or two off, then you should be ready to hit a party or concert on a roll and be able to ensure it without thinking you are going to f*****g die.

If you get it in TABLET form, safe yourself the mental death trap and only take one. EVERY PILL IS DIFFERENT. I've been having spiritual and creative experiences with this substance for the last ten years. You never really know what you are getting, so play it safe. Just swallow it, no need to snort it, that's a f*****g waste, and definitely don't try mainlining these. You wanna do something crazy cut it in half and stick half in your as****e.

Crystalline/Powder or "Molly" could honestly be anything. You never know what they could be cutting it with, and if you are inexperienced with this you wouldn't know the difference between Molly and meth or bath salts, so get this from someone you trust WITH YOUR LIFE. Or simply don't get it.

Don't take (oral) more than one capsule, or a .1-.2 at a time until you personally know how you will react and feel. Be sure to wait at LEAST 2 or three hours before taking another dose. I don't know how many times I seen someone have a bad time cause "they don't feel anything." f*****g WAIT AWHILE. If you still feel nothing, don't do anymore because it's probably f*****g garbage or fake. From there, gradually increase if you absolutely feel the need to, but it's better to take all your dose at once, after you start rolling, if you do more, all it will really do is extend the high. Get some sleep, and double the dose next time if you wanna lose your face. This will make you roll for about 3 to 6 hours, peaking around 3 hours. You will be extremely energetic and sentimental, loving and creative. You could move a mountain!!! Life is awesome! I love you guys!

If you plan on putting this up your nose as well, make sure it's MDMA first. Meth will burn like f*****g Satan tried to pick your nose. Molly has more of a "cooling" feeling(still burns a bit tho). 

NOTE: using MDMA intranasurally as per to orally produces different effects.

Oral lasts longer and is more intense and psychedelic.

Nasally hits you quickly and gives you more of a speedy high instead of an actually roll. Paranoia and anxiety seem to set in easier and more quickly, but the effects tend to not last as long as investing it. Hits within ten minutes or instantly and can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

IV/shooting- honestly I would not recommend this to anyone. I'm 100% positive IVing Molly is the reason I ended up with a Heart Valve Infection. If you don't test it, and don't know what's in it. I wouldn't do it at all. However if you must, I would not recommend more than .1, actually, do half of that, or about a quarter of the amount you would normally take and be sure it's crushed to powder. (those shards don't look exactly like fluffy pillows for your veins) Use at least 50 ml of water, and be sure to pull it through a cotton or they make special filters you can purchase for doing this. Sterilize the skin first, and use a surface vein(try not to go digging for it) cause got forbid if you do miss, it's right on the top and more easily treatable. Make sure you are in, pull back and let her rip when you see the big red curly cue. Let the syringe fill up with blood before giving it the push, and only a slight push at first to assure of proper positioning and entry of the rig. MDMA is a synthetic drug, meaning it was made probably by some dude in his bathroom, where he shuts, and never washes his hands. If you cook it be sure not to heat it too much, it has a low boilng point and you will destroy your shot. You should be able to get at least 2 or three shots out of one dose.  Rush lasts about fifteen minutes, and you speed around for about 2. Still can't sleep or eat. High anxiety and paranoia as well. Don't do it to yourself.


All in All, I personally prefer both ingesting and snorting my dose, usually splitting how ever much I plan on using in half. Eat half, do bumps through out the roll to stay peaked. If they are tabs, I will test a small piece first by nostril to check the potency, and I will take usually one, two TOPS at one time, and I'm sure to be f*****g mooked out till the following morning! I almost never sleep on it, not falling asleep till the night after, however, I have fallen asleep on very pure powder and potent pills in the middle of a roll. Its not completely impossible.

Always be safe when experimenting with Mood enhancers. A majority of them are illegal, so don't get caught with it. They can't do anything about you being high (but it would be such an awful experience to have to be brought home by the bacon on a roll, or even to jail, nobody wants to deal with the law or having to keep it together in front of their parents or in laws or children while all screwed up anyway, so do it in a safe environment, sh*t it's legal in Oregon, USA, and many different countries, including Amsterdam of course, so be smart.)

Happy trails to everyone. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything. I will be posting more often in order to try and properly reach the recreational as well as spiritual users for the purpose of supplying you guys with the proper knowledge as well as personal experiances when it comes to mood enhancing and Mind altering substances, and entering the unknown, or even more scary, what's already "known". 

Don't believe everything you read on the internet.


I agree with you about this. taking ecstasy while you are on antidepressants or taking ecstasy just for fun can be really dangerous. of course on the internet, you can read a lot about MDMA effects but somehow I do believe that they won't tell all of those things. It is really dangerous and one of the reasons is because it is illegal. one friend of mine was taking a half of pill when he was going to some parties or some concerts because he wanted to be "the main" and he was totally different. After a while, he was diagnosed with liver issues. the same thing can happen when you are taking antidepressants and ecstasy at the same time. trust me, it is not a good choice!