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A few weeks ago, i missed two pills near the end of my oral contraception pack. Not realising this, i had unprotected intercourse with my partner. When i got my period early i realised what had happened and continued the last few days of my pill as normal.

I went to a doctor on the last day of my pill packet. She said it was highly unlikely i could be pregnant as my period would have pushed any possibly fertile egg out, also the fact that i had my period indicated i was not pregnant.

My period was abnormal- it lasted 7 days, stopped for two then came back for two. It's been a week since my period stopped and now i'm experiencing sever cramps in my lower abdomen. I don't usually get cramps, only the occasional minor cramp. I'm concerned about the ones i'm now experiencing as i can not sit still, moving is painfull and they have lasted the better part of the day.

If i am pregnent (my doctor said to wait two weeks until i take a pregnancy test) :
Can one week of pregnancy cause severe cramps?
Is there anything to be worried about or could these just be coincidental phantom pains?

Thankyou and Kind Regards


I am sorry to hear about the cramps. I sympathize! I also had abdominal pain during my each period before 4 months. On that time my friend told about the allay patch. But I don’t have much confident to make use of that thing. When i consult my doctor he said that it is a safety drug-free patch. Allay is a miniaturized medical device that delivers continuous electromagnetic therapy to restore damaged cells. Now I am using allay for past four months and I got relief from monthly menstrual cramps.