New study found a gene variant that could increase risk of heart disease by 55%. Researchers say that this gene can be detected with new test which can help doctors to determine which patients should take cholesterol – lowering drugs and which shouldn’t. This mutate form of the gene is called KIF6 and it’s related with a higher chance of developing coronary heart disease which is leading cause of death in USA.

Identifying a gene that pre – disposes a person to coronary disease may help in treatment options. This mutated form of gene presents another risk besides cholesterol and blood pressure levels for heart disease. Doctors can prescribe some preventive treatments if they determine that patient is carrying this gene.

This gene is detected by DNA test and once a patient knows his KIF6 status, they know it for life. Researchers say that it would be best if this test is performed together with cholesterol level control and blood pressure also. If KIF6 gene is found it can be lowered by some medications and this could help in cutting the risk from developing heart problems.

Results of the study found that 60% of the population may carry KIF6 and research was performed on about thirty thousand people.