Recent research found that people who eat fish, omega -3 rich oils, fruits and vegetables may lower they risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In the study which lasted 4 years researchers investigated the impact of the diet on people older than 65 years who didn’t have dementia. Results showed that people who took regularly this kind of diet had 60% lower chances of developing dementia than people who didn’t. Study also found that the ones who regularly took fruit and vegetables lowered risk of developing dementia by 30%.

Researchers also concluded that people who ate fish once a week had 40% lower risk of developing dementia and 35% of developing Alzheimer’s only if they didn’t carry an ApoE4 gene which is known that increases risk of Alzheimer’s. Still, more research needs to be done before recommending nutritional behavior for older people who are at risk of developing these diseases.

One more thing that this study has found is the fact that people without this gene who regularly consumed omega-6 rich oils instead of omega – 3 rich oils had twice as much chance of developing dementia than people who didn’t consumed them.