New study found that just one day of fasting per month could help reduce risk of heart disease. Fasting could be done for health or religious reason so the researchers conducted a study in which they observed Mormon community which out of religious reasons fasts one day a month.

Researchers found that Mormons have very low rate of heart disease and they agree that the same results are found in those who fast because of health reasons. Mormons also don’t smoke because of their religious beliefs so this fact contributes to their health.

During the study researchers observed non smokers and still found a lower rate of coronary artery disease and because of that tried to find another reason why Mormons have lower risk of developing heart disease and found out that the fasting once a month is the answer.

Fasting was the strongest reason why people who participated in the study had lower risk in developing heart disease. Although it is not yet scientifically proven that fasting could be one of the causes of healthier arteries in people it could be a new theme for other researchers.