Hi, I was in a car accident on Sunday morning and it's now Wednesday and was the passenger. We were prob goin at approx 50mph and was just driving to work. We were going round a slight bend and all of a sudden the loudest bang and the car filled with smoke as we spun round and round... I had chestpain instantly air bags had been deloyed and seat belts locked so pit this down to those factors. Cut a long story short... The other driver admitted that he was on our side of the road and had slid on the ice! Pure accident he said he was going approx 50mph too. As you can imagine a big impact! His car fliped upside down our car just spun several times! Apart from the normal cuts and bruises we were all ok. After being taken to A&E, ECG and XRAYS done... All ok. On Monday I didn't feel too bad had the normal aches and pains I would have expected. Yesterday I got up to go to work... Coughed once and OMG I had the worse pain in my right hand side in my ribs ever! I felt a huge pop and just fell to the floor! Ended up back in A&E and had another Xray and again all clear! The doctor said it was a muscle popped through my ribs.... To take painkillers and rest. It's now Wednesday and tha pain is still severe in my right hand side from front to back.... Does this sound like muscles??? I am sure I cracked a rib by the noise it made! I don't have any issues taking a deep breath in but movement is agony! And ibroprofen and paracetamol just aren't making any difference!!!! HELP!!!