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9 days ago i was driving to school on my own (i am 17 years old). I went round a corner and was completely blinded by sunlight just at the wrong time as the car infront of me suddenly slammed on their brakes (the car infront of them had pulled over in a stupid place) and i went straight into the back of them at around 30mph. I was in a KA, which aren't the strongest of cars anyway. The front of my car was completely crumpled and pushed right up, it was a wreck and has been written off. The car that i had hit in front of me had quite a lot of damage to the back of it, but my car took most of impact.
I remember the bright sunlight, pulling my visor down and then a glimpse of the brake lights, and within a split second i had gone into them. My seatbelt saved my life, as my airbag didn't deploy for some reason, but i still lurched forward and my chest hit my steering wheel hard.
The first thing i did was just jump straight out of my car, i didn't even turn the engine off, i just immediately wanted to see the damage. The adrenaline and shock stops you realising the extent of what has happened.
At the point my chest was hurting, but i thought i'd be okay. I got back in my car to turn the engine off as there was liquid pouring out from the front of the car. As i got back out of the car the driver and passenger from the car infront also got out and i walked to the side of the road to speak to them. At that point i collapsed on the floor and fainted, partly because of the excruciating pain in my chest and also because i couldn't breathe. An ambulance was called for me and was at the scene in about 10 minutes. The ambulance paramedics were amazing, and put me in a neck brace and on a spinal board (i had pain in my neck and upper back). Apparently they were 20 mins in the ambulance stabilising me before we left for the hospital. While we were on the way there, they rang the hospital so that they could get staff ready for me when we got there. I was taken to a resuscitation room where they did ECG's, blood tests etc. and checked my neck / back / lungs. I was amazed at how quickly they were doing all this. Then they sent me for a chest x ray, which came back that my sternum and ribs hadnt been fractured. I was told that i had severe whiplash, soft tissue damage and internal bruising to my chest.
I was very lucky, but the pain in my chest is just awful. The first 3/4 days were the worst, couldn’t move etc. but on days 6/7 i started to feel a little better. Yesterday was day 8 and i decided to go to work..bad move!!!! Today, the pain feels as bad as it did on day 1.

The best advice i can give is DON'T OVERDO IT.
You have to rest; even if you think you're doing okay other people don't think you're as bad as you actually are.

Also, whatever you do, don't hiccup, cough or sneeze. Sneezing is the worst.


On Easter Sunday a teenager pulled in front of us, not stopping for the stop sign.  I know the pain you are suffering.  I too have chest wall bruising , because I had open heart surgery I was giving X-rays and Cat Scans.  I feel like I have had surgery all over again. It seems any way I move hurts.   I know the air bag was probably a life saver, but I just hope the pain lets up soon.


I was in a auto accident similar to urs pain in chest was instant it has been 3 weeks and I still huurt the same.I am also a cancer or.So even worse was being treated for phenmona butt the pain is dso bad I did not got to hospital so no bones broken I see u said how long till u felt better?? Please help about ready to say it's hospital time thank u