I have just recently started to have this pain. It has been sort of progressive though...I had my left kidney removed the later part of March. At my two week follow up I informed my surgeon of having a lot of pressure on my stomach, that I couldn't eat very much before being really full. Was told it was due to swelling. So I left and was already slowing down my intake of the post surgery pain meds. Then I started to get this pain about four inches down from my sternum along my rib cage. It now hurts all of the time as and spikey kind of ache...but then when I bend, or sit in a chair that makes me slouch, or rightafter I eat..and definitely in the middle of the night..the pain is SHARP and it radiated downward yet still along my rib cage and toward my back. Take my breath away. It seems to just be happening more frequently now..have had two CT scans and everything looks great...just getting over a kidney infection..and still have this pain going in..ER doc recommended colonoscopy and endo...can't get in til first part of July...it is really getting to me and affecting my mood..there really is something not right going on and its not all in my head...just wish I knew what...if I get any answers that might be helpful I will absolutely post it on here..thanks everyone for sharing..really helps with the feeling of being all alone on a small island..