I have been looking for a cause to my pain. I had my ball bladder removed a year and a half ago, but have had an aching and sometimes burning or pulling feeling in my right side. Mostly I feel it in the lower right side to lower right front of my abdomen. It is an almost constant ache, sometimes very vague and at other times more defined and a slight burning or pulling or mild tearing feeling. Also, seems swollen. This does radiate somewhat upwards toward my rib cage and back but tends to be right side midway between rib cage to waste line. I did have at the time of the gall bladder removal, a slightly fatty liver and elevated triglycerides? I took medication for several months to bring that into normal range, but have not really changed my diet and have not had the liver or triglycerides checked in probably 9-10 months. Should I be concerned about my liver? Or does this sound like something else?