I just stumbled on this forum after spending the last several months looking on Medical Web sites for answers. Post after post of unexplained and unresolved abdominal pain and bloating! I had no idea so many suffered from symptoms like mine. I know the digestive system can be complicated but truly thought myself alone in my pain and anguish. I've seen several doctors and been hospitalized twice - then released without diagnosis. You name the test and I've had it and still no diagnosis. You name the drug and I've tried it! I haven't been able to work in almost 4 months.
Morning hours are usually some bloating but little pain. But after walking or cleaning for a few hours the pain and swelling appear. Pain is always on the right side, mid abdomin, sometimes in the right upper area by rib cage. It's debilitating. I fill with gas, swelling and much pain. Laying down on right side eases the pain and eventually, by late evening, I pass some gas along with watery stool. I get a bit of relief but if I walk around it starts all over again. I'm virtuallly a shut in being afraid to travel too far from the couch or bathroom.
I can't believe NO ONE has the answer!!! What the heck is wrong here?