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I am a 33 year old Female and I have been having upper abdominal pain, more toward my right side under rib cage. I was tested for gallstones and liver function and it came back normal. Then I had a blood test to test for Hpylori and that also came back normal. I am at the end of my rope not knowing what is going on inside and just want to know if anyone might have any answers for me. I have severe Endometriosis and I am thinking maybe it has traveled up?? Or severe Acid Reflux or Gluten intolerance. I don't have any problems keeping food down or anything like that. Just a strange/discomfort feeling that has been going on for about 8 months. I was also diagnosed with Kidney Stones a year ago. Can that cause pain in the front abdomen?? Does anyone have the same symptoms as me??? Answers PLEASE!!!


HEY, i am amit.

I have had similar pain since 2 years now. About a cm below the sternum and a cm or two to the right as being the epicenter of the pain. More than pain, I would like to call it a major discomfort that has become a constant part of my life. It feels as if somthing is wrong in that region, a dull constant pain/feeling. It spreads out a little bit on running/jogging. Citrus fruits like lemon and orange, tea, coffee, colas irritate it and cause vomit. Controlling my diet hasnt helped much, its just a good measure to avoid vomiting after meal.

Like you, even I got a clean chit for Liver, gall bladder and HPylori. And my doc says it not acid reflux as the symptoms dont match, LES is working fine. Even I have no trouble in getting the food in. Moreover, the discomfort seems to go away when sleeping but comes back the moment sleep ends and I get up. 

Please reply if the symptoms match, well talk about it more.