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I have a risen lump towards the bottom of the shaft of my penis. It originally had puss in it and i tried getting rid of it early. I squeezed it and got as much out as i could but since then (about a month or two ago) it's just a small purple/red lump of the same size as original (around 2 milimetres) and there is no chance of it pussing or bleeding when squeezed. Advice? Should i try popping it with a needle? 


Hey man. I have a question for you. How long have you had this issue because it may have furtherly progressed as the time went by. I think that you shouldn't squeeze lump on penis at all because that can only lead to inflammation by my fair judgement. Have you consulted with anyone about this problem? I would strongly advise you not to try and pop it with a needle because you can irritate it or even create an infection and that would be a disaster. It's a cyst probably and you should go and see your doctor about this issue. He'll prescribe you something.