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The American Red Cross is also known as the American National Red Cross and was founded in 1881, as a humanitarian organize which provides relief services, education and disaster relief within the United States.

Red Cross Month Worldwide American Red Cross

In addition to disaster relief, the organization also provides community services, communication services, and assistance to military members and their families and aids in the collection, processing and distribution of blood products.  The Red Cross also provides educational health and safety programs and international development programs and relief services, much of which is provided on a volunteer basis by people all over the world.

On March 17th, 2009, President Barak Obama signed an official declaration making March, Red Cross Month, which makes the 66th time the month has been celebrated to honor the organization, originally declared by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  In recognition of Red Cross Month Worldwide, the organization launched its first national “Change a Life” contest which ran from March 2-16, 2009.  The event was an opportunity for people to visit the Red Cross and take part in a contest and awareness campaigns which bring attention to everything the organization does for others.

How to Become a Red Cross Volunteer

Being prepared for emergencies whether at home or anywhere else is very important, which is why many people want to become a Red Cross volunteer.  The American Red Cross provides training courses which will help prepare you in case of an emergency.  To find a local chapter, a person can go online to the Red Cross website, enter their zip code and find locations close to where they live.

It is a good idea to become a Red Cross volunteer because it prepares you not only for an emergency, but also shows you how to survive in the event of national disaster as well.  Local Red Cross officials and disaster relief workers will arrive at the scene, but may not be able to reach everyone as quickly as needed.  The best way to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency is to become educated about basic first aid and to be ready in case disaster ever strikes.

Each year the Red Cross reaches millions of lives and through training, blood donations and volunteering, a person can become ready when they are needed the most by volunteering.  By teaching a person life saving skills such as CPR and first aid, many lives are saved each day because of knowing what to do in a crisis.  By being a Red Cross volunteer you can provide lifesaving services and have the resources and knowledge needed to know how to save a life in the event of accident, injury or disaster.


The American Red Cross has been in existence for more than 100 years and continues to provide lifesaving services on a national and international level.  Through becoming educated and informed about how to become a Red Cross volunteer, a person can be proactive in the event of a tragic emergency and can save a life.  When people see a Red Cross emblem it has been and always will be associated with disaster relief, blood bank services and other services and programs which are important to saving lives in the event of an emergency.