Robotic Nerve Sparing TOTAL Prostatectomy vs HoLEP?

Has anyone considered having a robotic nerve sparing Total prostatectomy instead of HoLEP?  Both procedures generally require an overnight stay in the hospital; both result in minimal bleeding; both seem to have similar post op side effects;  BUT with the total prostatectomy you would shoot two birds with one stone --- you would solve the BPH problem AND eliminate the cancer risk.  What is not to like about that?

I have heard many reports from men who have had the robotic nerve sparing total prostatectomy (for cancer) that their post op experience seems to be much easier and with fewer adverse effects than those who report post-HoLEP.

Is there something that I am missing?  I wonder why people don't choose the robotic nerve sparing total prostatectomy instead of HoLEP?  

Thanks so much for your input.