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I've lived with autism my whole life, and I'd just like to share some of the things I've discovered that make autism more manageable. Here are a few tips that are helpful for people on the spectrum, and also for people in general:

1.) Follow a regular bedtime routine. Go to bed by 9:30 pm and sleep between 9 1/2 and 10 hours a night. Sleep is the time when the body repairs and heals itself, and people on the spectrum like us need to make sure we get plenty of it.

2.) Avoid seafood. Seafood contains mercury, which worsens the symptoms of autism and Asperger's Syndrome, as it is the main cause of spectrum disorders (it is contained in vaccines in tremendously high and extremely illegal doses). Likewise, AVOID VACCINES AND FLU SHOTS AT ALL COSTS! - I have met parents whose children acquired autism just from one simple flu shot!

3.) Avoid foods that contain gluten as well as foods that aggravate candida. People on the spectrum almost always have problems with these foods. Do a google search for "gluten-free diet" and "candida diet" for more details, as there's tons of foods to avoid, too many to list here.

4.) Get plenty of aerobic exercise, unless you have a condition (like asthma) that would make this dangerous. Aerobic exercise calms the nervous system and increases blood circulation, and people on the spectrum like us absolutely need this.

5.) Do NOT get behavior modification therapy! Socialization is a spontaneous, heartfelt process - anything else is just acting! I was forced to get behavior modification therapy for awhile, and all it did was make me feel inadequate, burdened, and forced to behave in a manner that was TOTALLY unnatural for me! If someone insists you get behavior modification therapy, refuse.

6.) Avoid processed foods, stale foods, and old foods. These unhealthy foods create toxins in the body.

7.) Avoid stimulants of all kinds. Stimulants include caffeine, ginseng, saw palmetto and other stimulant herbs, ritalin, and other psychoactive drugs like stratera and aderol. These drugs and herbs are extremely destructive to people on the spectrum, who already often struggle with overstimulation, anxiety, and insomnia. Avoid stimulants at all costs.

8.) Avoid cold weather, cold foods and cold drinks. Coldness aggravates anxiety, nervous instability and insomnia, and causes tension in the body.

9.) Be in calming, natural environments as much as possible. People on the spectrum need to feel calm and peaceful.

10.) Eat foods rich in vitamin B that don't contain gluten or aggravate candida, like chicken and lamb. People on the spectrum often have vitamin B deficiency. Take vitamin B supplements as well, as well as omega fatty acids.

11.) Do Buddhist Meditation. Meditation helps calm the mind and body, and also improves the quality of sleep.


I'm sorry, but two items on the list, if I'm to be honest, made me want to ****************;

1. There is no conclusive connection between Mercury and Autism, that has NEVER been correctly determined, the studies still contradict each other to this day, and considering Fish itself has Omega-3s that has been shown to be critical in developing the neuropathways of the brain, robbing ourselves of that source is nothing short of psychotic. It's the same for avoiding shots, as even if you wish to still push that point, the fact is they stopped using Mercury as a preservative in vaccinations over a decade ago, so unless that little girl you saw had a shot before then, she already had autism.

2. I've lived in cold weather places all my damn life, hell, I grew up in Alaska, and if it isn't clear yet, I'm also autistic, but I've dealt with it, no screw that, I thrive in it. All you've suggested here is avoiding a challenge, taking a path of least resistance and that is a piss poor way to go through life, and I for one am sick of it. I'm autistic, sure, but I'm also human, and too often it seems people with problems blame things on the condition that are in fact just a quality of life that everyone has to deal with.

And no, screw it, I'am not adopting your "Buddhist meditation" BS, they didn't invent meditation, it is not the only form, and there's certainly no advantage of doing theirs over others, or really as you SHOULD have suggested, merely practicing breathing techniques that help to center and calm oneself. It's no different than calling a tissue a KLEENEX, attaching singular meaning to ONE FORM of something, the suggestion should have been more generalized.

Because you've fallen on clichés, because you've failed to maintain objectivity, I feel I also cannot trust your other information, as if your lacking in those areas, you may be lacking in the others as well.

Word to wise: Check your facts, do not go off first impressions and stick with them, you have to continually make sure they are the case, and considering Autism is still far from being fully understood, that makes that fact all the more applicable here.