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im 21 year old male
i have side effects of paxil and celexa that wont go away 2 1/2 months after last dose. i was only on them for around 8 months.i have motor disturbance where im slower than normal and i also react slower (sensory).i also have sore neck and back,agitation,confusion and swallowing and digestion problems (like i cant take a med without water like muscles are not strong enough,and when i eat produce alot of gas later on!)
when i do exercise my mouth becomes so dry that i can hardly talk and become so drowsy and tired that nothing relaxes me.
have i damaged some part of my brain?is it irreversable?
i live in new zealand
any quick and detailed advise would be appreciated



and i also have low libido
also i have been through every severe withdrwal sideeffect possible when i first stopped it.