Hi, im only 13 and got myself a.little worked up because for a few years now i hav had sharp AND blunt pains. The started in my stomoch maybe 2-4 years back but since then it has worked its way up into the right hand side of my chest. When the pain comes sharp, i.double over but recover within 4-5 minuites where as when there not sharp, it doesnt hurt much but it lasts longer and gets me worried. Not sure whether this has got anything to do with it or not but sometimes if i pull my neck the wrong way it.feels lile someones stabbed me but then the pain goes away and leaves my neck stiff. Also if i have been sat down or 'inactive' for a while and then stand up and stretch i go really dizzy and light headed for about 5second and then right myself. I have never actually fallen over from this but i have had to grab on to things to stop me from falling. I really dont know what to do and its starting to scare me. I have not been to the doctors or even really told my parents as its been this way for a few.years now its just that it feels to.be.getting worse. I hope you can help.me with this. Thank You Very Much Ethan P.S i apologise for any spelling mistakes, typing errors etc... As i was using my phone and was in a bit of a rush