Hi i am 20 years of age and for the pass two years ive been having pain under my left arm. i believed what caused it was smoking cigarettes and marijuana more so the marijuana is what made it very hard for me to even move my arm. I stopped but not smoking. but threw out the year it was fine. Until i smoked marijuana again for a few days. i had some kind of panic attack and i felt like i was going to have a heart attack or somthing my chest went completely numb i could not breath etc. after i quit smoking cigarettes and will never touch weed again. its been 3 weeks since i had my last cigarettes but i still go out to drink and i usually get very drunk. im sorry but i must tell you everything for some closure for myself. pains came back after i smoked that weed. i get arm pains tingling sharp in my left arm down to my forearms sometimes both arms.. fingers tingle and sore .. chest pains even somtimes i get a sharp pain in my leg... it becomes very bad if i even have a glass of wine or beer and i get drunk. i no i should stop drinking but should i go see a doctor and see what is really going on ?