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ive been recently getting a sharp pain in my chest and throat... it feels like a crisp is stuck.

i have no idea what is going on, can someone please help, i dont want to waste time going to the doctors to find out its nothing.


If it's continues being painful and you go to your GP which sends you to "all kinds of" examinations and they just fint "infected esophagus, get medication for that and the pain just continues, you should ask your GP if your "upper esophagual sphincter" og Chricopharyngeal muscle may be out of function. Look up on and search videos on where he tells about spasms and dysfunction regarding this muscle. You might be supriced by him describing just "your" symptoms... I was partly, but still haven't been examinated for it yet. Now I'm just eating muscle-relaxing medics waiting for the time to come. (Without them, the pain made me unable manage myself through the day...).