I've been having these pains in my stomach for about 8 months now probably even longer to be honest, but the past 4 months it has started in my lower chest just below my breast area.. my ribs are then really sensitive to touch and hurts like crazy, the only way I use to stop it was take my tablets I was given for GASTRO and IBS to ease it, then it started to get a lot worse but a hot water bottle and lying on my left side curled into a ball and an hour of sleep did well. But now its that's painful I cant sleep I cant stand, lie down, move about or anything, its really uncomfortable. I also get really bad back aches from the lower area to the middle and sometimes a neck ache and the back of my head hurts, not that bad just yet though. but sometimes im in that much pain I scream, moan or even cry, I get so tempted to call an ambulance sometime because I cant do anything but roll around moaning. I wouldn't say I was healthy to be honest I love my fatty foods and fizzy drinks, I hate salads and most fruit, im 21 years of age but the doctors told me it was an upset stomach at first and now its called GASTRO/IBS but to be honest I don't think it is my mum has IBS and that and she hasn't got any symptoms I have.. please help me. I would really like to know if anyone else has the same or they know what it is :( I am curled up now after taking my tablet with a hot water bottle trying to cope :(

(P.S. I don't get diarrea or a lot of gas with it)