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for a few months now i have had shortness of breath to the point where i even had to gasp for air. it felt like my heart stopped for a few seconds. now my breathing isnt AS BAD or so it seems. i still seem to have breathing problems but i dont need to gasp for air. For the past few days now, I have been having major pains in my kneck, and my chest.

Also, too make it more understandable .. i have also been getting pains what seems to be under my left breast. i get pains above my right breast too. But i dont think anything has to do with my breast.

Lately, it also seems my throat is somewhat clogged? and i have been having random coughs.
do you know what might be wrong ?



Have you seen a doctor?  You need a physical exam.

I'm concerned.  For one, I assume that you are a woman by your screen name.  Women present cardiac symptoms differently than men and this very well could be a cardiac issue.  The pain in your neck and chest could be a form of angina.  The coughs could also indicate a form of congestive heart failure.  The shortness of breath could also be due to a possible cardiac condition.

Please see your doctor ASAP.  Point out all your symptoms.

Good luck and keep us posted.