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I’m a 16 year old female, non smoker, and I’m not on any medication

I have a high pain tolerance and some times I’ll have chest pains so bad that it will bring me to tears. Sometimes out of nowhere my heart will star beating faster, or maybe not faster but louder and stronger. I also have dizzy spells. The dizzy spells will happen when I raise my hands above my head, when I rest my hand on a wall or stretch, or reach to a shelf, or hold my breath for more than a few seconds. When I have the dizzy spells I feel like the room is spinning and often everything goes black few just a moment, when the lights come back on I feel extremely tired and short of breath. I'm afraid that one day I'll pass out or faint and hit my head or something, so I've stopped doing the things that bring on the dizzy spells but now they've started happening when I walk across a room and stand up, the other day I had a big one everything went black for longer than usual and all I did was reach for the remote that was setting right next to me on the sofa. Lately I’ve been walking around in a state of dizziness and exhaustion even if I don’t do and thing too active.

Also, I’m not sure if this it related to the others, but I’ve been dramatic mood swings. I’ll be yelling in anger one minute and the next I’ll feel like I’m totally alone in the world and I’ll cry for no reason at all… The mood swings happen all the time they seem to have very little or nothing at all to do with my monthly period.

So over all I’ve been having:

Chest pains
Abnormal heart beats
Dizzy spells
Shortness of breath
Mood swings

I went to see my doctor last month and she did this test to see if I'd had a heart attack (which is odd because I'm only 16, but she said it could happen) anyway it said I hadn't, she also did a X-ray of my chest and she said nothing was unusual, she then did a breathing test and it came back normal..

I tried to find information on line and some of the diseases or causes it brought me to where, ventricular tachycardia, PVC, CAD, MVP, Stress, Anemia, ect.

I'm starting a journal of the dates and times of when I have a dizzy spell or chest pain my hope is that it will help my doctor figure out what it is.

Does any one know what this could be? Or do you have any suggestions of things I could do or ask my doctor about?


IM GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME THING and i am also a 16 year old female! ive gone to my doctor and ive had blood tests done and everything and they said everything is fine..i wish i knew what it was...the chestpains will happen mainly when i stand up suddenly but they will happen at any time though. I really wish i knew what this was. Most of the time these things dont happen on a regualar basis but they do happen often...


have you tried being checked for hyperthyroidism?



I began having dizzy spells 2 yrs ago. This was around the same time that I felt an unusual pull/weakness in the middle of my chest while stretching.

Ever since, I have had chest pain and horrible spells where I feel like faling over.

I've been through heart tests that show NORMAL. If it is anxiety, it is because I'm worried about passing out!

My upper GI also showed nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My daughter (14 years old) has a similar condition that deals with a problem in the communication between the heart and brain which causes her blood pressure to suddenly drop. She then passes out and can be out as long as 1-15 minutes. We had many tests done by cardiologist, neurologist, etc. You should consider seeing an electro physiologist and be evaluated for Neurocardiogenic Syncope or one of it's sister conditions (there are about 6-8 that are similar and related). I hope this info helps you.


hey im am 21 male and earlyer this summer i had a few pulpitations with scares me because ive never had one befor and i nealy passed out and fell realy ill after the 1st big one, now in the last few few mothns ive been gettin chest pains, and in the last week or so ive been feeiling realy disorientated and i have become realy short of breth, i nealy had a panic attact the outher day becaus i felt as tho i wasnt breathing hardly and started to hyperventerlate i also have been feeling extreamly tired for no reason i can see.. the only thing that differs in my case is i dont seem to have any change in mood


:'( Hi I can totally relate to what some of yall are saying.. My dizzy spells, chest pains and all that junk just started at the begining of this year.. It feels so ugly I get scared cause I dont know what to do about it and none can really help because they dont know what were feeling...
I've gone to the doctor to do many test but they all come back normal I dont know what to do... I try to distract myself but it does'nt work... I would really like to feel normal again!!! so if anyone can please help me I would really appreciate it........


im 18 years old and i have some of the same symptoms....
i get shortness of breath to the point where i can breathe and pass out
i get chest pains
anxiety attacks everyday and in my sleep sometimes
a pain in my right arm
a pressure in my head
naseau(spell check)
i also have these "episodes" where i go into trances and feel completely numb and void
im starting to get really afraid because im in school
and my condition is getting worse
my family is not supportive
does anyone have any suggestions on how i could get help
or what this might be???


I'm having the same problems right now.
I'm crying even though I'm not exactly sad but I can't stop fidgeting because my body thinks its cold and I can't stop moving about. I woke up with a sharp back pain and sore throat, also a racing heart beat and I cannot breath properly right now. Also I do get a lot of mild to severe headaches making me stay off school a fair bit and using a lot of pain relief drugs. Feet tend to go numb when I sit with my legs up, fingers are feeling surreal, I cant really explain...
Other touch n go issues;
Sinus problems
Mucus etc...
I'm not complaining as I can handle a fair bit of pain but I can't sum up my problems. I tell my parents but they just blame the weather.
Suggestions anyone?



My name is Victoria. On some random day when I was about 10 years old my chest started to hurt so bad. It became difficult to breathe and in order to stop the pain, I had to limit my breaths. I took very slow short breaths in and out and thankfully the pain went away.

However they did not stop. I am not 16 years old and for the past two years the pains have increased and seem to occurr at the most random times. No physical exertion is necessary.

This year I've had two very scary momments that brought me to tears.
Once when I was resting in my 4th period english class.
I had my head down on my desk and out of nowhere came the chest pain.
I jumped up so quick because it startled me, and then it became almost impossible to breathe.

Once again it went away when I took slow short breaths.

The second episode happened maybe less than a month and half ago also in my 4th period class which is now furniture & cabinet making.
I was sitting back in my desk getting ready to take a test.
The test wasn't serious, and I wasn't nervous at all.

Then it happened.
It was so bad I became nervous, and I couldnt breathe very well.
I tried the short slow breaths but they weren't helping or relieving my pain as they normally did.

My eyes filled with tears and I couldnt move or sit up straight.
I felt like I couldn't talk because I couldn't breathe.
This last about 5 minutes or so it felt.
Then it just stopped and I was fine again.

I never have any clue when these pains will happen.
They are completely random and have been happening for 6 years now.

I'm ready for them to stop.
I mentioned the pain to my immediate care clinic doctor and he just dismissed it as something lots of young children and teenagers go through.

Well, here I am now.
Asking any of you if you've experienced anything like this.

I've also got a few other symptoms. Not sure if they're related or not.

I'm really curious to find out what this is, and if its serious or not.



you guys are all having panic attacks,i'm 45 and i was having them all the time really bad and i had to take meds and now i feel better.


I feel for all of you. Know you are not crazy. It went on with me for about three years before finally I went to another doctor.(plus they only get worse)Its called ATRIAL FIBRILLATION. Your hearts electrical system gets stuck and that is the case of heart rate, weakness, short breath, chest pain,dizziness, and faint spells. My arms & legs would go numb as it got worse.Please ask your doctor about your elecrical system in your heart.
Good luck! and You are not Crazy. Joyce


I had the same symptoms when I was 17. My heart would start pounding, i would get really dizzy, and just felt awful all the time. My doctor did a glucose tolerance test on me and we discovered I had hypoglycemia (which is the opposite of diabetes). You may ask you doctor to conduct a similar test (you'll know if you've already had one cause you have to drink sugar water and then they take your blood every 30 minutes for 4 hours). Basically if you do have it, you just stay away from sugar and carbs as much as possible. Doing that made me feel better almost immediately.


i find it very interesting to hear allk of these comments, im am now 23 and have sufferd similar symptoms since i was 17. It is most commonly anxiety and altho you yourself wont have a clue that its what your expieriancing because it can be awful, but try to feel comfort in knowing all your tests have proved normal so its nothing life threatening and also find comfort that so many other people have the same problems, its all to do with the kind of person you are and your personality, if i am correct you are the type of person who may worry about things a little more than you should and rather than have a possitive out look on things you find yourself a little negative, you have to learn what your body is telling you the best way to do this is to keep note of all what happens what could have caused it, like foods you may have ate or did something make you unhappy or scared any probs reply to me il be glad to help!! 8)


There is a relatively benign couple of syndromes that cause allrming chest pain. One is simply acid reflux from say taking Excedrin, Aspirin, or Allleve. These medications will stop the production of mucus that protects your stomach and the acid will start causing pain.

Another sharp pain is some kind of "embolism." Embolisms from diving can be life threatening but these on land seem to come from getting your diaphragm caught where it is not supposed to be in your chest or something unusual like that. It is harmless i think but very painful and makes you think you are having a heart attack.

I myslef have pain and weakness or chest exhaustion often. I think it is high blood pressure, intolerance of heat with all the medications I'mm on etc.