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I remember we always had tiger balm in the house when I was a kid and I just loved the way it smelled! But I have never seen it again since, and some people even say that tiger balm has side effects that are unpleasant. Is that true? What are the side effects of tiger balm?


When I was young my grandma was always using Tiger balm for everything but absolutely everything. When I grow up I was curious to find out everything about it. It is a pain reliever used to relieve symptoms of headaches, arthritis, muscular aches and pains and everything else that my grandma said it hurts. I know that my grandma never had any of the side effects but I have heard that some people did. It was mostly allergic reactions to the ingredients because people often don't know if they are allergic to something. And the symptoms of these reactions are usually very mild so they go by unnoticed. Sometimes irritation of the skin can appear but this is happening mostly to the people with sensitive skin. 

Did you ever tried to use Tiger balm by yourself? And for what if you did? Did it help?