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I have agreed to take on two new kittens. They are four weeks old right now, and still with their mother. I think I will take them home at six or seven weeks - that is what people often say is best for the kittens. What vaccinations should I get for them, and are there side effects of vaccinations for kittens that I have to be aware of?


These are the side effects of vaccinations for kittens.
Hope this would be helpful to you.

1) Sleepy, depressed, inappetent puppies and kittens immediately following vaccination.

2) Irritable, grumpy puppies and kittens that don't like being touched following vaccination.

3) A lump under the skin at the site of injection.

4) Nasal and/or ocular discharge and sneezing following intranasal vaccines.

5) Anaphylactic reactions.

6) Mild allergic reactions - puffy face and ears.

7) Vaccination failures - clinical signs of disease/infection despite vaccination.

8) Feline vaccine associated fibrosarcoma.

9) Lameness in kittens following the calicivirus vaccine.

10) Excessive bleeding at site of injection.

11) Concerns with pilonidal sinuses - caution in giving needles to Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

12) Immune diseases.