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I have had a tattoo that I really hate for the last five or more years, and I have been thinking of getting rid of it for at least the last four years. I have been thinking about getting it removed by laser, but if I am honest I simply don't have the money for that. I heard some people get good results with wrecking balm. Does wrecking balm have any side effects that you know of?


Hey I had tattoo by myself and I was forced to remove it because of my job. I am a personal trainer and my company doesn't allow us to have any tattoos whatsoever. I was forced to borrow money from my parents and get laser treatment. I was sad because I loved that tattoo at that point of my life but now I am aware that it was childish thing. 

I was researching the wrecking balm because few of my clients were asking about it. So I have found out that it works by destroying the ink which is forming the tattoo. This process lasts until the tattoo fades away. Known side effects are skin irritation so if you have any open wounds you should not do this. Other than that there are no side effects. Let me know where you satisfied with the results.