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I’m having a horrible psoriasis flare up on my scalp and the back of my neck and it’s so itchy and painful at the same time that I have no idea what to do to relieve the itching at least a bit. I’ve been looking online for remedies that might work and of course that most of them sound strange, but I came across a recommendation to try using tiger balm on the patches to relieve the itchiness. My mom uses it when her back hurts, she says it help to relieve that type of pain. And from what I can tell this is supposed to be a herbal product, but I’m still not quite convinced how safe would be to use tiger balm on the psoriasis patches?

Thanks for any info,



Hello Meg,

I don't think you should try using tiger balm directly on the skin that's damaged by psoriasis, it might be painful and irritate the skin even more - tiger balm contains menthol and camphor as active ingredients, and even though both these substances do help relieve the pain and can have some anti-bacterial effect, they still can be too irritating for sensitive skin. Also, some tiger balm formulas contain eucalyptus oil which I feel is too strong even though my skin isn't damaged. What you might want to try though is tea tree oil who also has anti-bacterial properties, but doesn't irritate skin nearly as much as eucalyptus. It's usually used in anti-acne products, so you should be able to find it easily.

Wish you all the best,