Im 21 years old and tho my Period is not due for another 4-5 days for the last 1-2 weeks Ive been experiencing a constant state of being restless, constantly getting dizzy when I stand, random moments of feeling sick to stomach though I never actaully throw up,Tenderness of breast, bloating/gas, as well as in the last two days ive experience slight cramps that only happen rarely and for a moment through out the day. My last period was on Feb 6th and stopped on the 11th. I had unprotected sex on the 12th and 13th of Feb a total of 8 times and he came in me each time. Then a few other random times through out the next week and a half of like 2-3 more times. The rest of the time we used condoms. I took a test on the 5th and 8th of March and it was Negative results. Tho I thought i might have seen a VERY faint line on the one i took on the 8th however it overall appeared Negative. Im going to try again tomorrow in the morning with the days first urine to try to get most accurate. I know Im a bit impatient and im starting to think maybe its all in my head and thats why im getting such symptoms bc maybe ive just convinced myself....I really would appreciate all post...ADVICE..GUESSES...FACTS...anything. Thank you so much.