i'm 17 years old and recently told my mother, on november 20 to be exact, that i wasn't a virgin. at that time, i still hadn't had my period for that month but i started very late in october and it overlapped into november and ended around the 4th. my mom pretty much flew off the handle, which caused me a lot of stress. she also got me pretty worried about pregnancy, adding to my already paraniod personality. i started feeling queasy, which freaked me out, so on thanksgiving my boyfriend's sister and i went to a drug store and i got a test. fortunately it came back negative. but then the end of the month rolled around and still no period. my boyfriend and i never ever have sex without condoms, and although i know they aren't 100% protective, the chance of me getting preganant is very slim, right? i took another test the 30th of november and it was negative once more, but still NO PERIOD. i freak out over everything and stress myself out so i'm sure it has something to do with it. i'm too afraid to go to my mother about this because of her reaction last month...so, this is where i came. any advice or help would be much appreciated!