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I am 27 years old and I have a 5 and 6 year old. In november I lost my third child. I had gone to bed 2 days prior to Thanksgiving feeling him doing summersaults, and by the next morning the umbilical chord wrapped around his neck. He was 34 weeks. I am now over a month late for my period and have had 4 negative pregnanct test results. I have sharp, sudden pain in my pelvis and some spotting that will start and stop... Whats the deal?


Hi Charity,

I'm sorry for your loss.

As to your current issue, see your ob/gyn.  You MAY be having an ectopic pregnancy.  A home pregnancy test may not necessarily pick up the lower levels of hCG from this.

It is only a possibility.

Hope it helps.


Hi, im sorry to but in on this convo but im not sure wer abouts to post my problem x

my last period was the 22nd of april and it was a very heavy and painfull period, i have never missed a period and the severity of pain comes and goes with difrent cycles, BUT HERES THE THING.....i havent had a period since , i have taken 4 tests and another from the docter and they have all come up negative, every month around the same time i get symptoms of a period, discharge and cramp and mood swings but no blood, it is now 8th july and i still have no blood, the last test i did was at the start of june so i will get another soon im just scared that it comes up negative again so im trying to hide from disapointment x

can anyone shed light on my situation please??x

love from jodie in scotland xx



Hi Jazz,

There's lots of reasons for periods to be missed.  Your doctor should be best resource however.

Common causes:

Weight gain or loss
medications - including birth control 
eating disorders

Hope it helps.