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first, let me start off by saying that i'm a 17 year old senior in high school, and i stress and worry about EVERYTHING. i'm a very paranoid person.

it seems like ever since i started having sex, which was in the middle of last summer, my periods have been pushed farther and farther back, which freaks me out a little even though my boyfriend and i always use condoms. is this normal, for my cycle to be so late every month now? i've heard sex and other things can upset my already irregular periods. well, anyway, in october i started waaay late, and it ended up overlapping into november, and i ended around the 4th. i usually start in the 20s on the month so when the 22 (thanksgiving) rolls around, i start to get pretty worried. so, paranoid me takes a pregnancy test which came out negative. and then the 30th passed and i still hadn't started, i was pretty stressed out, so i took another test which ended in a negative result. and now, it's the 5th of december, and i still haven't started.

i feel queasy, but i just end up burping (dumb, i know), and i'm really bloated and gasey. i've been having short cramps and my breasts are tender but not excrutiating, and they just started to hurt. i don't know, i'm just really worried and stressed. so...if anyone has any advice, please share before i die of paranioa and all my money goes to home pregnancy tests! :'(


So what happened??