Hello, ok so, few days ago, my frenulum got cut a bit, though it bled alot. Now the next day, i noticed a small white spot near the cut, you can barely see the cut though, just some red area, and the white spot is so tiny, but it had me worried. It kinda hurts when i touch it, but not too much. I don't really feel any pain when im urutating. I have read that usually it takes 1-2 weeks for frenulum to heal, but again the cut is barely visible, though it's giving me some kind of discomfort. Now my question is do i need to go see a doctor? Could this be some kind of STD's symptoms, taking in mind that i did have oral sex, during the day frenulum got cut. Now im probably just imagining things, but i just want to make sure that there's nothing serious. Thanks for the help.