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After masturbating, i went to sleep and i felt a tingling sensation. I woke up because

it became really itchy. I washed with soap, but the itch was still there. I lived

through another night and the next day my foreskin was very swollen and red.

I got worried and went to the doctor, and he gave me some pills - for the swollen and

red parts and another for preventing the replication of the bacteria - he didn't tell

me what infection it was. After a week the swollen foreskin eased off a bit and I went

to the doctor again, he said it still doesn't look good and sent me to test my blood

for sugar, and my urine and he also prescribed me dipropionate betamethasone (chuterid

cream) and that was it..

I did and my sugar levels came up pretty normal 4.7 and I had no bacteria in the urine.

In the first few day things got pretty good it looked pretty good. I washed 2-3 times a

day and applied the cream. I even masturbated twice and didn't feel any pain

afterwards. The only problem i seemed to have was i got cramps in my scrotum and

perineum area after peeing. The cramps lasted only 3-4 sec. I didn't feel any burn

while urinating.

Third week after the problems - my foreskin and glans got covered by a skintight layer

of smegma which cannot be washed (extremely hard - maybe 1h to clean it with hard

rubbing). Also my frenulum and part of my urethra are burning - not while urinating but

when - for example - i get erection and i flex my penis muscles and scrotum - I feel

the strong burning sensation in the urethra part on the tip of my penis. It feels like

its inside a bit too like an half inch or so. Also when I pull my foreskin back I feel

pain in my frenulum area - it aches - burns so much that I have to do it very slowly.

What advice can you give me and what do you think this might be?

Also this is not a sexually transmitted disease for sure because I am a virgin still.

And sorry for my english its not my native language.

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.


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hey troubled,

for not having english as your native language your doin pretty good :-) anyways it may sound like the white film could be a yeast infection. that also can cause redness ans itchyness. as for the frenulum pain. i wonder if you tore it a little and thats why it is red. you could try some anti fungal cream like intraconazol. did the white stuff and redness start after you took the antibiotics? also do you have any white patches in your throat or on your tounge? 8)


Oh my post turned up to be pretty messed. Its because it was copy paste from notepad.

The white stuff was there 2-3 days after the initial problems, but with washing i could remove it easily. But now its so skintight that its almost impossible to wash it off.

I don't know what a tored frenulum looks like, or will it heal if it is but it doesn't hurt when the foreskin is in its normal position, only while i am retracting it.

I can post picture if that is allowed here and you will be able to see what I am talking about.

By the way do yeast and other infection heal by themselves?
How long does it take to heal infection (3 and a half weeks passed since the first day)?


I am Having the Same Problem. Did you find out what it is?


Yes white pateches in throat and red spot in hard plate of mouth