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I have been married 6 years ago, and I have one Kid, he is 4.5 years now. but for the last 3 years, I wasn't able to produce more kids. My wife did some tests (tube tests) a few months ago. According to Doctors she is Okay. I have done my semen test twice. and those test showed significant differences.

1st Semen test I did in 18 Jun 2012.

Here Total Count was 75 Million.

Motility was 80%.  Active were 50%.  Sluggish were 30%.  Dead were 20%

2nd Semen Test I did on 20 Feb 2013.

Here Total Count was 0.5 (zero point five) Million.

Active were 10%.  Sluggish were 05%.  Dead were 85%

I am 30 years Old. I feel myself healthy, I do sports and I have never passed through any chronic disease. I am good in Sex, I mean, Penis erection and Sex Duration is Normal. And I never feel that I have some sort of weakness etc. 

I am so Much worried about it and I am waiting for your kind suggestions for me. 

Thanks - 


Hot Showers or Bath: Anything that raises the temperature of the testicles is likely to impair sperm production so regular use of hot tubs and hot baths -- generally water over 100 degrees F -- can have an effect. Regular use of saunas and steam rooms could have a similar effect. No need to avoid these hot soaks, as the effects are relatively short-lived.Wearing tighty-whiteys pants: There is no actual data showing this to be true, but since anything that raises the temperature of the testicles can potentially impair sperm production, tight jockey shorts could theoretically do that. Not worth getting crazy about, but if you're trying to have kids, boxers might be a better bet.Weight: Being overweight (or underweight) affects hormone production, which can impair sperm production. Yet another reason to avoid being a statistic in the obesity epidemic.But there are foods that can help a man to increase his sperm count. 

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