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I am 34 years old man. I got married in 2006 and from first day i am trying for baby but faild. Than i went for semen test. In that report my sperm count is low its voleum is 1.5ml and sperm count is 0.01

Please give me advice, what should i do?


When someone has lower than normal sperm count, it means it may take them longer to get pregnant.

You didn't say anything about the way you were trying to conceive, if you were predicting your wife's ovulation, measuring her basal temperature, improved your nutrition and physical activity.

When pregnancy doesn't occur some time after trying, then you need to plan it but also introduce some life-style changes that would promote your sperm count as well as sperm motility.

So, first thing you need to do is:

1. chart fertility and predict ovulation in order to time intercourse
2. practice sex in the morning or in the early afternoon because this is when the sperm count is at its peak
3. introduce some dietary changes and cut down on processed foods and eat more high protein diet rich in vegetables and whole grains but low in fats
4. Stop smoking, drinking alcohol or using any illicit drugs even recreationally

5. Introduce regular physical activity into your daily routine but make sure you don't over-do it especially with exercises that may impact or stress the testicles. Avoid cycling

6. Reduce stress, even if it means you would have to meditate or do some yoga

7. Avoid heat, hot-tubs and tight underwear, wear boxer-shorts.

Try with these small steps, see how it goes and if it doesn't work, talk to your doctor about other possible methods


Ok,when ejaculating everyday and the sperm quantity becomes smaller and not milky and thick,is that normal bcoz its excess? And can the thickness and normal form stil b regained after a long time without ejaculating?


I am 32 years old and i get married 2008 i have big problem i go labtory and test our semans butt nill after 3 month ago use tablet butt not ingress just still 0. 01
So pls give advice which one good medicine for me

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